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Waste Management Facility

The waste management process exceeds far beyond the user placing the trash in the garbage at a residence or business. Waste Management facilities house technological advanced machinery to do more with waste. The machinery used for recyclables and non-recyclable waste is as diverse as the waste itself. Conveyor, screening, baling and magnetic technologies can all be found within waste management process.


NEC-2020 The latest release of NEC/NFPA 70 edition 2020 (NEC 2020) has placed a greater emphasis on increasing personnel safety by mandating the use of Surge Protective Devices (SPDs).

From 2014 to 2020, the number articles now requiring SPDs has increased significantly for applications ranging from Modular Data Centers, Fire Pumps, Elevators, Critical Power Systems, Dwellings (Dormatories, Homes, Hospitals, Hotels), etc.

Threat to Industrial Machines

Various codes and standards possess safety interlock criteria including the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards and NFPA 79 for Industrial Machinery. However, until now, these standards have only just begun to address the expanding role that surge protection plays preserving the integrity of equipment and, more importantly, protecting the lives of personnel.

A study commissioned by the Fire Protection Research Foundation, “Data Assessment for Electrical Surge Protective Devices”, provides results of a survey of facility managers concerning surge damage. (NFPA 2014) The study shows that 26 percent of facility managers had damage to safety interlocking systems on industrial machines due to surges . The main purpose of these safety interlocking systems is to protect workers and maintenance personnel from contact with exposed live parts and electric shock. Failure of these devices can put personnel at an increased risk of injury.

Conveyor Equipment

NFPA 79 Definitions

A.3.3.95 Safety Circuit.
"The part of a control system containing one or more devices that perform a safety-related function.”
3.3.67 Interlock (for safeguarding).
"An arrangement that interconnects guard(s) or device(s) with the control system or all or part of the electrical energy distributed to the machine.”

The solution for NFPA 70 and NFPA 79

To make the installation of a Surge Protective Device (SPD) at the industrial machines interlocking safety circuit mandatory which in turn increases the equipments reliability.

NFPA 70 Article 670.6 Surge Protection.
"Industrial machinery with safety interlock control devices not effectively protected from voltage surges on the incoming supply circuit shall have surge protection installed.”

In addition, the NFPA 79 is now requiring the following:

7.8.1 Surge Protective Devices (SPDs).
"Industrial machinery with safety circuits not effectively protected from the effects of overvoltages due to lightning or switching surges shall have surge protection installed.”

as well as

4.5.2 Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).
"Transient suppression, isolation, or other appropriate means shall be provided where the equipment of an industrial machine generates electrical noise or transients, which can affect the operation of equipment that is on or part of the industrial machine."

Selecting the appropriate SPD

NEC/NFPA 70 require that Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) shall be UL1449 Listed . This means selecting a surge protector is easier than it has ever been. There are only a few choices available for SPDs that are UL Listed for any of the most commonly used surge standards including UL1449 5th Edition, UL497B, and UL497E.

Links to SPD for Industrial Machinery

LocationEquipmentSystemSurge Protector Model#Link
Service EntranceMain Service Panelboard277/480Vac MDS750E-277Y MDS750E-480D
Branch PanelEquipment Panelboard480Vac${ITEM_LINK#2178948}<-No Item, #2178948 M50-480D-A${ITEM_LINK#2178948}<-No Item, #2178948 M50-A
Local EquipmentControl Panel480Vac Power Input DS74US-480D DS74US-480D

Power Supply120-240Vac Power Input DS72US-230S/G DS72US-120S/G

24Vdc Power Output DS220S-24DC DS220S-24DC

Control UnitEthernet Cat 6A MJ8-C6A MJ8-C6A

4-20mA DLA-24D3 DLA-24D3 v.2

Wireless P8AX09-6G-N/FF P8AX09-6G-N-FF

Types of machines covered by NFPA 79

Machine ToolsMetal Cutting
Metal Forming
Plastics MachineryInjection molding machines
Extrusion machinery
Blow molding machines
Specialized processing machines
Thermostat molding machines
Size reduction equipment
Wood MachineryWoodworking machinery
Laminating machinery
Sawmill machinery
Material-Handling MachineryIndustrial robots
Transfer machines
Sortation machines
Inspection/Testing MachinesCoordinate measuring machines
In-process gauging machines
Packaging MachinesCarton-strapping machines
Drum-filling machines
Palletizing machines


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