CITEL protects all electronic and electric equipment from lightning strikes and electrical transients caused by lightning and switching transients and electromagnetic interferences.

For this, CITEL manufactures two complimentary products lines:

Gas Discharge Tubes (GDTs)

are the basic passive components used to protect communication switches and equipment from voltage surges; the GDT is a small hi-tech component (less than 1 cm) and they are generally installed on data networks by telecommunication operators.

Citel is the only SPD manufacturer that manufactures their our own GDT. These components have a long history of reliable performance and are integrated into many our surge protection devices.

CITEL products, thanks to many patents, are homologated by many leading international companies.

Surge Protective Devices (SPDs)

are units combining several surge protection components (SPC). Thye may be used by original equipment manufacturers (OEM), network operators or by the end user.

They are designed to be incorporated in an installation to protect all electric, electronic and data-processing equipment from transient overvoltages.

The CITEL range: wide and complete

Whether standard or custom solutions, we cover all our clients needs speciifc to their applicaton. This desire guides our daily activities and is fundamental to our mission.

Adapting to the specific needs of local markets, risk levels and applications, we offer protection for low voltage installations, communication networks, photovotaic systems as well as LED lighting.

The millions of SPD’s made and sold each year by CITEL are proof positive of the high-quality standards, consistency and reliability of our products that our clients and partners around the world have come to expect.

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