Surge Protection for Pump Station


Today’s increased reliance on very sensitive electronics makes surge protection an important topic for Pump stations. The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety study found that $26 billion dollars was lost due to non-lightning power surges. In addition, there are about 25 million lightning strikes in the US each year that cause between $650M to $1B in losses according to the Insurance Information Institute, State Farm©.

This article discusses aspects of Pump Station systems to help you develop a comprehensive surge mitigation strategy for your equipment. Each section will conclude with a Surge Protective Device (SPD) Protection Point which identifies where and what SPD to use.

SPD Protection Point - Emergency Power

LocationEquipmentSystemSurge Protector Model #Link
Automatic Transfer Switch Line Side120/208Vac MDS600E-120Y MDS750E-480D

Automatic Transfer Switch Load Side120/208Vac MS100-120Y

Automatic Transfer Switch Line Side Genset120/208Vac MS200-120Y
Genset Line Side120/208Vac${ITEM_LINK#1505161}<-No Item, #1505161 M50-120Y-A${ITEM_LINK#1505161}<-No Item, #1505161 M50-A

Genset Relay Starter24Vdc DS220S-24DC DS220S-24DC

Genset Battery Charge Controller120VacDS240S-120/G

SPD Protection Point - Pump Station

LocationEquipmentSystemSurge Protector Model #Link
Power_supply_AB Power Supply Input120VacDS240S-120/G

Power Supply Output24Vdc DS220S-24DC DS220S-24DC
VFD_Panel Pump Controller24Vdc DS220S-24DC DS220S-24DC
Remote- IO Cabinet InstrumentationPressure Instrumentation
DLA-24D3 DLA-24D3 v.2

InstrumentationFlow Instrumentation
DLA-24D3 DLA-24D3 v.2
PLC PLCEthernet Ports MJ8-C6A MJ8-C6A

PLCRS-485 DLA-12D3 DLA-24D3

RTURF Coaxial P8AX09-N/FF P8AX09-6G-N-FF

SPD Protection Point - Motor

LocationEquipmentSystemSurge Protector Model #Link
MCC MCC480Vac MS100-480D
VFD_PF750Series VFD Input480Vac DS74US-480D

VFD Output480Vac M50-480D-A M50-A