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RE+ 2024 - Anaheim, CA
September 9-12th, 2024 - Anaheim Convention Center

Anaheim Convention Center Where the industry meets RE+ (featuring SPI and ESI) hosts the most comprehensive event for the renewable energy industry. By recognizing that energy sources and their infrastructure are the most efficient and productive when working in tandem, we are helping the renewable energy industry pave the future for a modern, resilient grid.

RE+ offers business opportunities and education for many industries within the energy industry—solar, storage, wind energy, electric vehicles and electric vehicle infrastructure, microgrids, and hydrogen and fuel cells. Past exhibitions have also included geothermal and biomass. [Attend Now]

Make sure you check out CITEL's booth at RE+ 2024 and be a part of the release of the
NEW DPVN Series PV Surge Protectors for 1200 and 1500 volts.
Find out more : The DPVN Series: The Next Level In Surge Protection

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