Part Number: 831322
  • UL1449 Type 2 SPD
  • 120 VAC to 277 VAC
  • Plate Mounting
  • Screw Terminal Connection
  • Series or Parallel Installation
  • Status indicator
  • Disconnection AC end of life
  • EN 61643-11 compliance
  • Total Surge Rating – Itotal: 20kA
  • ANSI C136.2

SPD type UL Type 2CA
Max. load current IL 5 A
Max. discharge current Imax 10 kA
Total Maximum discharge current Imax Total 20 kA
Nominal discharge current In 5 kA
Weight 0.039 kg
Certification UL Listed / IMQ
ANSI/IEEE C136.2 Enhanced Category 10kV/5kA
Wiring type Screw
Solid wire cross section mm² 0.5 mm²
Solid Wire cross section mm² 1.5 mm²
Wire gauge AWG 20 AWG
Wire gauge AWG 16 AWG
Torque Nm 0,25
Torque in-lbs 2,1
Strip Length mm 10 mm
Strip Length in 0.39 in
Operating Temperature °C -40 °C
Operating Temperature °C 85 °C
Operating Temperature °F -40 °F
Operating Temperature °F 85 °F
Operating Relative Humidity %RH 95
Operating Altitude m 2000 m
Operating Altitude Ft 6500 Ft
Housing/Enclosure material Thermoplastic
Flammability rating V0
Mounting Surface mount
IP Environmental rating IP20
Installation Location indoor
Product Dimension mm 59 mm
Product Dimension mm 20.5 mm
Product Dimension mm 40 mm
Product Dimension In 2.32 In
Product Dimension In 0.8 In
Product Dimension In 1.57 In
Individual Pack Yes
Storage Temperature °C -40 °C
Storage Temperature °C 85 °C
Storage Temperature °F -40 °F
Storage Temperature °F 85 °F
Waranty 10 Years