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Today’s increased reliance on sensitive electronics makes surge protection an important topic for most industries. The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety study found that $26 billion dollars was lost due to non-lightning power surges. In addition, there are about 25 million lightning strikes in the US each year that cause between $650M to $1B in losses according to the Insurance Information Institute, State Farm©.

Power Distribution Centers (PDC) is a critical component for companies that utilize communication equipment and data centers. DC Power is an efficient power source that can help to increase reliability and decrease the overall cost of operation. They are found across multiple industries including Telecommunications, Data Centers, Marine, Renewable Energy Microgrids, Utilities, Rail and Material Handling.

Directly installed inside a UL 1801 Power Distribution Center at the incoming AC power feed, these devices are vulnerable to electrical transients from Lightning and Switching Events. Based on solid state components, their surge electrical withstand capability is limited and increases the need for a global surge mitigation solution to avoid costly downtime.

This section will identify the UL 1449 5th Edition Surge Protective Devices (SPD) to efficiently protect the DC power input of the DC Power Distribution Center. It is important that the SPD is rated for DC power and shall in listed as such in the UL listing available at

1U DC Power Distribution Center
1U DC Power Distribution Center

DC Power Distribution Center

The main DC incoming will be the primary location to protect the drive against electrical surges and overvoltage. There can be a multitude of DC input voltages for the Power Distribution Center but the most common are 12Vdc, 24Vdc, 48Vdc, 75Vdc, 125Vdc, 250Vdc, 350Vdc and 380Vdc.

The common surge protectors used below :

LocationSystemSurge Protector Model #Link
DC Bus Input12Vdc (2W+G) DS220S-12DC
24Vdc (2W+G) DS220S-24DC
48Vdc (2W+G) DS230S-48DC
48Vdc (2W+G) DS72RS-48DC DS72RS-48DC
75Vdc (2W+G) DS240S-75DC
125Vdc (2W+G) DS240S-130DC
350Vdc (2W+G) DS240S-350DC
380Vdc (2W+G) DS240S-350DC
Alarm Contact Input1A 60Vdc Form C Dry Contact DS71US-275 DS71US-275
Alarm Contact OutputRS485, CAN Bus, Modbus DLA-12D3 DLA-24D3 v.2
4-20mA Current Loop DLA-24D3 DLA-24D3 v.2
LAN Communication PortRJ45 up to CAT6A MJ8-C6A MJ8-C6A

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