Current Edition of the National Electrical Code (State-by-State)


As of July 1, 2023, the 2020 NEC is in effect in twenty-seven states, the 2017 NEC is in effect in twelve, the 2014 NEC is in effect in one states and the 2008 NEC is in effect in two states.

The following table shows the edition of the NEC in effect in those states having a statewide regulation that impacts construction, trade licensing, or both. Follow the link to the board or agency responsible for updating the NEC.

StateCurrent Edition Of The NEC In Effect2020 Or 2023 NEC UPDATE StatusOther Editions Of NEC Update Status
Alabama2014 (July 1, 2016)
Alaska2020 (4/16/2020)
ArizonaLocal adoption only
Arkansas2020 with AR amendments (8/1/2022)
California2017 with CA amendments (1/1/2020)Update process completed (Effective 1/1/2023)
Colorado2023 (7/1/2023)
Connecticut2020 with CT amendments (10/1/2022)Update process underway (Projected 10/1/2022)
Delaware2020 (9/1/2021)
Florida2017 (12/31/2020)2020 update process completed
Georgia2020 with GA amendments (1/1/2021)2023 update process underway (Projected 1/1/2025)
Hawaii2020 (3/14/2023)
Idaho2023 (7/1/2023) with ID amendments (temporary rules permit use of 2017 NEC w/ID amendments)
Illinois2008 (7/1/11 - commercial occupancies for areas outside of local jurisdictions that have adoption authority)
Indiana2008 Commercial (8/26/2009)2017 (2018 IRC) One- and two-family dwellings (12/26/2019)Update process underway (Effective date not established)
Iowa2020 with IA amendments (4/1/2021)2023 update process underway (Projected 1/1/2024)
Kansas2008 (2/4/11 - State Fire Marshal)
Kentucky2017 (1/1/2019)
Louisiana2014 (2/1/2018)2020 update process completed (Effective 1/1/2023)
Maine2020 with Maine amendments (7/2/2021)
Maryland2017 (2/7/2020)
Massachusetts2023 with MA amendments (2/17/2023)
Michigan2017 Commercial (1/4/2019)One- and two-family dwellings (2/8/2016)2023 update process underway (Effective date not established)
Minnesota2023 (7/1/2023)
MississippiLocal adoption only
MissouriLocal adoption only
Montana2014 (10/23/2014)Update process (2017) underway (Effective date not established)
Nebraska2017 (8/1/17)
Nevada2011 (7/1/13 - Nevada State Public Works Division)
New Hampshire2020 with NH amendments (7/1/2022 with 6-month grace period permitting use of prior adopted edition)
New Jersey2020 with NJ amendments (9/6/2022)
New Mexico2020 (3/28/2023)
New York2017 (5/12/2020)2023 update process underway (Effective date not established)
North Carolina2020 with NC amendments for other than one- and two-family dwellings (11/1/21)2023 update process underway (Projected 7/1/2024)
North Dakota2020 (1/1/2021)2023 update process underway (Effective date not established)
Ohio2017 Commercial (11/1/2017)2017, with Ohio amendments One-, two- and three-family dwellings (7/1/2019)2023 update process underway for commercial & one-, two-, and three-family dwellings. (Effective date projected first quarter of 2024)
Oklahoma2017 Commercial (9/14/21)Residential 2015 IRC Electrical Chapters (11/1/2016)
Oregon2020 with OR amendments (4/1/2021)
Pennsylvania2017 (2/14/2022)
Rhode Island2020 (2/1/2022)
South Carolina2017 with SC amendments (1/1/2020)2020 update process completed (Effective 1/1/23)
South Dakota2020 (7/1/2020) with SD amendments
Tennessee2017 (10/1/2018)
Texas2020 (11/1/2020)2023 update process underway (Projected 9/1/2023)
Utah2020 Commercial (7/1/2021)2014 One- and two-family dwellings (7/1/2016)
Vermont2020 with Vermont amendments (4/15/2022)
Virginia2017 (7/1/2021)2020 update process underway (Projected 1/1/24)
Washington2020 (10/29/2020)
West Virginia2020 with WV amendments (8/1/2022)
Wisconsin2017 Commercial (8/1/2018)One- and two-family dwellings (1/1/2020)
Wyoming2023 (7/1/2023)
Chicago2017 with Chicago amendments (3/1/2018)
New York City2008 w/NYC amendments (7/1/2011)2014 (effective date not established)

E-Brochures related to NEC Articles requiring surge protection.

ALTERNATIVE ENERGYSurge Protectors for NFPA 855, Standard for the Installation of Stationary Energy Storage SystemsLink
ELECTRICALNEC Article 708 Critical Operations Power Systems (COPS)Link
ELECTRICALNEC Article 700 Emergency SystemsLink
ELEVATORSNEC Article 620.51 elevators, dumbwaiters, escalators, moving walks, platform lifts and stairway chairliftsLink
INDUSTRIAL MACHINERYNEC Article 670 Industrial MachineryLink
RESIDENTIALWhat Is The NEC Definition Of A Dwelling Unit?Link

Source: NFPA

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