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Surge Protective Device for Lighting Panel


General Notes

Walk through WALMART store and identify all power panels that have breakers to ANY type of lighting. This includes indoor, outdoor parking, outdoor signage, and refrigeration.

  • Typically, there will be 2 to 4 “Lxx” panels in each store. Because the stores are unique, immediately determine if you will have enough Surge Protective Devices (SPDs), M50-120Y-A, for 120/208Vac panels. If not, use SPDs from other stores but immediately request more SPDs to finish the project.

  • The store manager may have to take you to all panels for your viewing. Locations of these panels are normally in back of store's electrical room. Rooms at front of the store can also be reserved for parking lot lights, automotive power panel and grocery power panel. If it doesn’t say “Lighting” on the panel card then it does not require a SPD.

  • Because of its smaller size the Surge Protective Device (SPD) can be directly fed into a power panel through a knockout.

  • The correct orientation of the label is usually read left to right while directly facing the SPD. However, if fed from top or bottom the orientation of the label will be misaligned. This is acceptable for this installation.

  • A 3-Phase spare circuit breaker should be used for the installation.

  • If space or spare breakers do not exist on this panel then the SPD CAN be connected to another circuit breaker dedicated to a non-critical circuit.

  • A photo of the UPDATED power panel card, after installation of SPD, MUST be taken.

  • Before leaving panel, photos should be taken with SPD green LED lights displayed and the panel number clearly in the picture.

  • Proceed to installation once panels are identified and SPDs are counted.


1. Open panel to expose wires and breaker connections.
2. Select spare breaker(s) for the SPD. Apply supplied QR sticker directly to the front of each breaker where SPD will be wired.
3. If no spare breaker is in the panel but there is a breaker slot for a 3-phase breaker, install a 20 Amp 3-phase breaker to act as a disconnect for the new SPD. Apply supplied QR sticker directly to the front of breaker where SPD will be wired.
4. Wires should be measured to the 3-phase breaker and cut to shortest length possible.
5. The SPD wires black, red, and blue are to be wired into the circuit breaker to protect each phase.
6. M50-120Y-A SPD should be fed into power panel.
7. Distance from SPD to panel should be as short as possible.

If there is NO SPARES in the panel then review the following:

  • Make sure breaker selected is NOT critical to the safety of store customers. Normally breaker selected is for an outlet.

  • Square D panel breakers are designed to allow two wires to be connected to a breaker.

  • GE or Cutler Hammer require a Y or 3-way crimp lug so a single wire is fed into a breaker.

  • The SPD, according to National Electric Code, can be wired this way because it only draws current in the micro-Amps. See figure below of NEC acceptable wiring





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