DPVN40CUS-Range: The Next Generation in PV surge protection

With the DPVN40CUS-range of surge protective devices (SPD), CITEL introduces a new generation of SPD designed for photovoltaic (PV) installations. This range is the first to be equipped with new and innovative CTC-Technology and succeeds the previous DS50 series.

The SPDs of the new DPVN40CUS range are the first to be designed with CTC-Technology. CTC-Technology make DPVN protectors slimmer, faster and safer than their predecessors from the DS50-product series and comparable devices on the market.

With patented CTC-Technology, DPVN-SPDs implement the normative requirements of IEC 61643-31 and UL1449 5th edition better than it was previously possible. IEC 61643-31 focuses on the specifications of surge protection devices for photovoltaic applications where as UL1449 applies to safety standards for SPDs.

The DPVN40CUS range is specifically designed to protect photovoltaic installations from transient grid surges and the damaging effects of lightning strikes. With an Imax rating of 40kA (8/20µs), Itotal rating of 60kA (8/20µs) and a nominal (In) current rating of 20kA (8/20µs), these devices are suitable for all PV applications, i.e. rooftop systems of any size, single family homes to industrial sized solar farms. Additional features include visual status indicator and remote contacts that allow remote monitoring of the modules operational status.

DPVN40CUS Range SPD are available in versions to protect 600Vdc, 1200Vdc and 1500Vdc PV systems. For more information on DPVN and CTC Technology please visit www.citel.us.

The DPVN40CUS range includes:

UL 1449 5th Edition, Open Type 1, PV SPD with CTC Technology
600V : DPVN40CUS-21Y-600
1200V: DPVN40CUS-21Y-1200
1500V: DPVN40CUS-21Y-1500