Citel H20 Webinar Contest Rules

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Please find a description of the contests and prizes

These contests are held during every H20 webinar event throughout the year.
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Wheel of the FORTUNATE
3 Contestants are selected for the contest from a pool of registrants that enter the event first
and that respond to the host's invitation during the pre-event.
This selection process occurs in the five minutes leading up to the live event.
The order in which the registrant signed up is their given “#” in the contest.
The wheel is spun three times to select the contestants.
The order for the next game is based on the spin number in which they were selected.

Spin #1 = Contestant #1
Spin #2 = Contestant #2
Spin #3= Contestant #3
Contest Wheel of the Fortunate
Puzzle of the ATTENTIVE
A random term or phrase related to the presentation topic is hidden in the white boxes.
Contestant #1 will select 4 consonants, 1 vowel and then given 5 seconds to solve the puzzle.
Each succeeding contestant chooses one additional consonant and has 5 seconds to solve.
Each succeeding round, the host, will add one vowel to the hidden word. Each contestant
will provide one consonant and be given five seconds to solve.
The winner solves the puzzle.

1st Prize is a “$37” gift card (Actually value is $40.00)
2nd Prize is a “$19” gift card (Actually value is $20.00)
3rd Prize Bless Your Heart!.
Contest Puzzle of the Attentive