Part Number: 890635
  • Surge Capacity to 600kA 8/20us Total
  • Lightning Capacity to 15kA 10/350us per phase
  • UL1449 Nominal Discharge Current (In) 20kA (All models)
  • UL1449 Short-circuit Current Rating (SCCR) 200kA (All models)
  • UL96A Master Label Compliant
  • Internal Surge Rated Fusing
  • Standard Diagnostics - % of protection present, audible, remote, test/mute
  • Replaceable Modular Design for SPD and Filter (if applicable)
  • Optional Listing as Type 2 Listed with UL1283 and cUL
  • NEMA 4/12 (Stainless Steel NEMA 4X optional)

Wiring type Screw
Stranded Wire cross section mm² 5 mm²
Wire gauge AWG 10 AWG
Torque Nm 4
Torque in-lbs 35
Operating Temperature °C -40 °C
Operating Temperature °C 85 °C
Operating Temperature °F -40 °F
Operating Temperature °F 85 °F
Operating Relative Humidity %RH 95
Operating Altitude Ft 2000 Ft
Operating Altitude Ft 6500 Ft
Housing/Enclosure material Metal
Flammability rating V0
IP Environmental rating IP56
NEMA Environmental rating NEMA 4
Installation Location Indoor / outdoor
Spare part Module
Accessories brackets
Product Dimension mm 360.6 mm
Product Dimension mm 406.4 mm
Product Dimension mm 159.8 mm
Product Dimension In 14.2 In
Product Dimension In 16 In
Product Dimension In 6.29 In
Individual Pack Yes
Storage Temperature °C -40 °C
Storage Temperature °C 85 °C
Storage Temperature °F -40 °F
Storage Temperature °F 85 °F
Waranty 10 Years