CITEL’s expertise : continuously improved

Citel is the leading manufacturer that exclusively produces both Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) and Surge Protective Components SPCs).

Citel constantly pioneers new technologies thanks to a bold innovation strategy, high-level R&D and in-house regional test labs around the globe. Citel is recognized as an instrumental leader in the development of many international codes and standards in force today.


The only way you truly know your products performance is to test it under real-world conditions. Citel has test laboratories in the United States, France and China for convenient, local support.

Citel's laboratories feature the following equipment:

  • Current waveform generators up to 240 kA - 8/20µs
  • Current waveform generators up to 100 kA - 10/350µs
  • 1.2/50-8/20µs hybrid combowave generators up to 30 kV/15 kA
  • 400 Vac three phase low voltage network-Icc 1.5 kA / phase for coupling with pulsed current
  • High speed digital Oscilloscopes
  • Environment test chambers for humidity, temperature, and vibration
  • Ultra-fast high-definition cameras

The Surge Testing Lab of Miramar (STLM) is located in the lightning capital of the United States in Miramar, Florida. The STLM specializes in testing to all relevant North American standards including UL1449, UL497B, UL497E, ANSI/IEEE C62.41 and ANSI/IEEE C136.2-2018. The STLM can produce combination and straight current waves up to 30kV 1.2/50µs and 30kA 8/20µs. In addition, the lab can dymanically (power-on) test customers equipment in various surge, temporary overvoltage (TOV) and end of life scenarios.

The G100K test generator in Reims (France) can produce exceptionally high impulse current and is used for testing structural lightning protection systems as well as Type 1 surge protectors with impulses as high as 100kA 8/20µs and 100kA 10/350µs.

The STL 240kA 8/20µs test generator in Shanghai (China) is one of the largest surge generators in the world.

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