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Din Rail Mount

Wallmount Rackmount Conduit Mount


Din Line Surge Protectors - Surface Mount


MJ8 Series

8 Wire, Surface and Din Rail Mount

Designed to protect Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) (Mode B) network devices with transmission speeds up to 100BaseT. All eight pins are protected by a carefully designed circuit that isolates data from
ethernet power lines. The ultra-sharp clamping response permanently eliminates transients from your POE applications.

Data Sheet (MJ8-POE ModeA/Mode B)
Data Sheet (CMJ8-POE ModeA/Mode B)



DD Series

9,15,25 Wire, Surface Mount
DD9, DD15, DD25

The RAK series of Rack Mount and Wall Mount Standoff protectors will ensure the reliable operation of networked equipment connected to 10/100/1000BASE T Ethernet, PoE, Cable, CCTV, RS422, RS232, ISDN, T1, DDS, Dial-up and most other communication interfaces.

Data Sheet (DD Series)






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